R06 Remote Exam Sittings Update

R06 Remote Exam Sittings Update

The CII have updated their public statement on recent R06 exams.

It is now five days since the less-than-perfect CII July R06 remote exam sitting. Now that the dust has settled, what are the CII’s plans? The examining body have issued a public statement saying –

‘We are extremely sorry for the distress caused by the issue candidates experienced. We will be looking carefully at the level of impact and take that into account to ensure fair results’. The tone of the message has changed from the initial ‘It was a 15 minute glitch’.

Gill White, the CII L&D Director, has stated in FT Adviser, that a new R06 paper will be created based on the same two July case studies, just with different questions. Currently, BTS are not aware of timelines for this new paper, or if it will it delay the results of the initial exam sitting.

Get in touch with BTS and share your experiences from Monday (if you have not told us already, and many of you have). Let us know what conversations you have had, what has been offered, and how you feel about it. Our email address is solutions@bespoketrainingsolutions.com

Please be assured BTS stand alongside all candidates in this; we know the work many of you put in, and that R06 is the last step in getting a prized professional qualification. This is not something to be underestimated, or made light of in any way.



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