CII Remote Invigilation Update

CII Remote Invigilation Update

Time for a bit of an update in relation to CII electronic R0 exams.

BTS support hundreds of candidates each week sitting the R0 exams, and as a result we receive lots of feedback. Which we thought it might be useful to share with all our followers. As far as BTS are aware, there is nowhere on the CII website where this sort of information is available.

Here are a few bits of extra information on how the system works:
– There is a highlighter tool that can be used to highlight key words in exam questions and answers
– The exam tax tables are now accessible via a separate tab
– If a candidate does not answer a question the system does not prompt them. If this is not picked up by the individual and they finish their exam this question will show as being incorrectly answered
– Have a second piece of photo ID to hand, sometime the system struggles to read driving licence text as it is so small

Do please let us know if you have come across any useful tips on using the system that could help other R0 candidates.


The recent style of the R06 exam clearly demonstrates that it is not enough to do a bit of study, buy an analysis and hope for the best. A level 4 adviser should be able to weigh up the merits of an OEIC and deposit account – these should not be viewed as the CII trying to catch candidates out. We admit though, the protection question made us chuckle…but again it is perfectly reasonable to expect candidates to be able to demonstrate they know the differences between two protection products, even if CS2 had no stated protection need.

The R06 exam is an analysis exam. It needs three things to achieve a pass:

good overall knowledge

plenty of work

the right question answering technique

It is not an exam to disrespect. This July paper showed us there were marks to be had for areas that were predictable, marks to be had if candidate base knowledge levels were good, and some unusual question wordings to test your answering skills.

Get in touch with BTS at and see how we can help you get an R06 pass.



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