Choosing your Study Materials

Choosing your Study Materials

By Editorial Team | 11 October 2020

Choice is important, right?

When booking your R0 assessment on the CII website, don't be fooled into thinking that you have to purchase the full CII package of revision materials as well. Whilst the CII do offer a range of revision materials, candidates should be aware that you can choose whether to purchase these, or opt for another provider of your choice, such as BTS.

When purchasing a unit on the CII website, candidates are now advised that the 'default' is to purchase the full Enrolment Plus package which includes the exam and the CII study materials (the CII made this change to their website options yesterday). We think the word 'default' is a little misleading. If you want to purchase just the exam, you can absolutely do this by selecting 'Assessment Only' from the drop-down options.

Study materials are a personal choice - check out the free samples of each of the BTS R0 Study Guides to help you decide if they are right for you. We are confident that you will love them, but we will let you make that decision.