BTS e-Learning Modules – Launching 1st March 2021

BTS e-Learning Modules – Launching 1st March 2021

As you may know BTS are launching our ground breaking e-Learning modules from 1st March. Between now and then our plan is to share some exciting tasters of what’s to come.

The reason BTS decided to launch our own e-Learning modules is quite simple: there are currently no modules out there in the marketplace that are truly interactive.

BTS had some key requirements for our e-Learning:

  • We wanted the modules to be engaging, to grab the learner and take them through the R0 journey with us, to treat them like adults and also to break complex subjects down into individual steps.
  • We wanted to bring the BTS experience from our workshops, honed over 17 years and tens of thousands of candidates, into an individual’s home and/or workplace through their smartphone, tablet and PC, to give them control of their learning and enable them to dip in and out of these sessions according to their personal needs.
  • Ultimately we wanted candidates to be able to hear the BTS voice – starting with our iconic study guides, continuing through our e-Learning modules, then practising using our App and ending with a first time R0 exam pass!

Each e-Learning module, for example, R01, is split into a number of different courses, each course covering a separate learning outcome, such as LO2/LO4.

The courses include introduction videos that tee up the learning and give you a roadmap to work along, interactive exercises and exam style questions throughout. At the end of each course there is a test to check how well you are doing in taking onboard key exam knowledge. Woven all the way through is the famous BTS sense of humour. Who can really learn without having some fun along the way?

Take a look at some of the features of the new BTS R03 e-Learning course below, and tell us what you think.

e-Learning modules for R01 – R05 will be available to purchase via the shop from the 1st March 2021!



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