BTS Launches Five New R0 e-Learning Programmes

BTS Launches Five New R0 e-Learning Programmes

BTS has launched five e-Learning programmes to match the five multi-choice exam-based R0s that take candidates towards their level 4 qualification.

Luiza Todd, one of the BTS directors, said: “We have taken every last bit of our R0 experience honed at the coal face from all the years we have of regulated training experience, from the thousands of candidates we have supported, and from all the time we ourselves have sat and passed the R0 exams, and poured it all into these modules.”

Accredited by the CPD Standards Office for 25 hours CPD activity, per module.

As a brand new tool in the BTS R0 exam preparation arsenal, we want candidates to be able to see what the modules are like before committing their hard-earned cash, so we have produced live free samples of each module. The activities in the samples give a taster of the key features including:

  • Introduction videos that tee up the learning and give you a roadmap to work along.
  • Interactive exercises and activities to break complex subjects down to individual steps.
  • Exam standard questions throughout to check your key exam knowledge.

Talking to Professional Paraplanner Magazine, Luiza said “We can absolutely promise you one thing: these modules will make a massive difference to anyone preparing for their Level 4 R0 exams.” 

The programmes are designed to be used as part of the BTS STEP approach, that is; study using our guides, train or e-Learn some of the key exam areas and then practise using the R0 Study Buddy app.

Further information, including free samples, can be found here.



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