R06: The exam centre experience & what to expect

R06: The exam centre experience & what to expect

Sitting your exams in an exam centre and want to know what this is like under current and potentially ongoing restrictions?

Luiza Todd, BTS Director, penned an article in this week’s Professional Paraplanner about her own recent exam centre experience.

It might surprise you to hear that our directors sit the exams too, after all, their technical knowledge is never under question! Why do they do it? Luiza explains, ‘as BTS directors, we sit the R0 exams annually to keep both our knowledge and candidate support materials as up-to-date and exam relevant as possible. I decided to have another go at the R06 exam in October 2020 find out what the exam centre experience was like during the pandemic restrictions.’

BTS have supported every single sitting of the R06 exam since its introduction.

Read Luiza’s Professional Paraplanner article in full to hear more about the R06 exam centre experience.

The BTS approach to passing the R06

BTS have been supporting candidates to prepare for the R06 financial planning practice exam since its inception, so we have a fair amount of experience to share. We understand that an R06 exam pass requires a strong combination of technical knowledge and confident exam technique. Practising your exam technique by completing past papers and attending a case study workshop is so important.

Preparing yourself for the actual exam experience, logistically, practically and mentally is a big part of this. You don’t want all your hard work to come unstuck on the day when faced with systems issues and exam centre nerves. Forewarned is forearmed!

Get enrolled on an R06 workshop

The BTS approach to R06 exam preparation includes attending a case study workshop. Those that attend always leave thinking how much they learnt from the two days. An R06 exam pass is not about just learning possible questions and answers but learning, discussing and practising the exam techniques required to:
  • identify the key words in each question stem
  • answer the question being asked (not your own version of it)
  • write/type around the answers to give the R06 examiner a good spread of answers
  • avoid going down the wrong angle and squandering marks
  • know how to practice and bank the marks from questions that appear in every R06 exam sitting



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