What should candidates know about the PSI remote invigilated CII exams? BTS talks to the Financial Planner Life Podcast

What should candidates know about the PSI remote invigilated CII exams? BTS talks to the Financial Planner Life Podcast
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BTS are delighted to share that we have been working on an exciting new collaborative project with Financial Planner Life, producers of the popular Financial Planner Life Podcast.

In the first of a series of short interviews, Luiza Todd, one of the BTS directors and founders of the company, talks about her recent experience of sitting remote R0 exams using the PSI remote invigilated exam system, and sitting the R06 exam at an exam centre using the new on-screen typed approach. Including tips on handling technical problems on the day and strategies to prepare yourself for your exam sitting, this video is worth a watch for anyone planning to sit a remote or exam centre CII/PSI exam.

Demystifying the R0 exam journey

When Luiza first met with FPL host Sam Oakes at the end of 2020 they agreed to record an interview for the FPL Podcast for CII R0 candidates starting off on their exam journey. In true ‘Luiza style’ this first video interview contains some straight-talking tips and information about the study options available and shows that there is a wide choice of study materials available; not just the CII offering.

BTS have been supporting the R0s since their inception 12/13 years ago. In that time BTS have helped many thousands of individuals attain their CII qualification. We know that when an individual starts off on their level 4 exam journey, they may have no idea which study partner to choose, and automatically assume that the examining body is the best route for study support materials. 

Quite commonly, only when candidates have spent a lot of time and money and not passed their first exam (often R01), do they start to question other options available.

To help demystify some of the commonly asked questions about studying to become a financial planner, BTS and FPL have produced a series of videos covering subjects such as:

A winning combination

BTS and Financial Planner Life share similar values and a desire to engage with and provide useful content to candidates navigating their way through the level 4 exam path.

FPL aim to create honest, transparent content that is simple to digest and understand in a bid to do away with barriers around entry to the profession. Sounds good to us!

Follow the Financial Planner Life Podcast for more episodes featuring advice from BTS.

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