Financial Planner Life Podcast

Financial Planner Life Podcast

CII R0 Exam Support | Financial Planner Life Podcast Playlist Featuring BTS

How to pass your R0 exams | An interview with BTS Director, Luiza Todd

In 2021 BTS and Financial Planner Life joined forces to create a series of helpful videos to support CII Diploma candidates navigate the R0 exams.

The Financial Planner Life podcast is a fantastic resource for anyone training to be a financial planner. Hosting regular guests with useful insights to share, the FPL Podcast is an honest account of what it’s really like to work in the sector. 

When BTS first met with FPL host Sam Oakes at the end of 2020, we agreed to record an interview on how to pass the R0 exams for CII R0 candidates starting off on their exam journey. With over 1.3k views, this interview featuring Luiza Todd, one of BTS’ founding Directors, has proven to be one of the most popular FPL video resources.

To help demystify some of the commonly asked questions about studying to become a financial planner, BTS and FPL have since produced a series of videos covering subjects such as:

  • What should candidates know about the PSI remote invigilated CII exams?
  • How to pass CII R0 exams first time
  • What is the best order to complete the CII R0 exams in?
  • How to give yourself the best chance of an R06 exam pass
  • 5 key considerations before selecting your R0 provider
  • How to give yourself the best chance of an R0 pass