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2023/24 editions of Study Guides and e-Learning modules are valid for exam sittings up to the 31st August 2024. The CII will examine on the 2024/25 tax year from the 1st September 2024.

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PRE-ORDER AF5 Financial planning process – Printed Study Guide 2024-25

120-day access

By pre-ordering this product you will be sent the 2024-25 printed study guide on its release date (estimated June 2024) Our study guides have been designed with learners in mind. We bring the subject matter to life by building up the key knowledge areas with you, using charts and visuals to paint pictures, making the syllabus as interesting as possible. It’s packed full of exam-relevant content, activities, exam style end of chapter questions plus a whole specimen exam.

Exam Year: 2024-25


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Product information

Product Information

By pre-ordering this product you will be sent the 2024-25 printed study guide on its release date (estimated June 2024)

Working through our study guide is the essential first step in your AF5 study plan.

The BTS AF5 study guide is a complete replacement for the examining body textbook.

How is the BTS AF5 study guide different?

The BTS AF5 study guide follows a similar format to our well-loved R0 study guides. It is made up of two parts; the main study guide and an accompanying Appendix.

The main study guide contains a logical breakdown of the syllabus and is packed full of examples, exercises and activities, all explained in an ‘adults in conversation’ fashion.

The questions in the BTS AF5 study guide are based on three fact finds. Two of them form the basis of the many practice questions and activities we cover in the guide, and the third is used in a full specimen exam.

Available in a choice of printed or digital format.
Mind not made up? Order a free sample to try before you buy.
How to Use

How to Use

The key to exam success is not just reading and learning technical information parrot fashion. 

You don’t need to purchase the examining body version of the text book - you can opt to sit the exam stand-alone by selecting ‘assessment only’ on the CII website and then order a BTS Study Guide instead.

Think of your BTS study guide as the first step on your very own revision track. You’ll be able to check your progress throughout, using activities, practice questions and end of chapter tests.

As you work through each chapter, you will gradually cover the full AF5 syllabus and practise the required exam techniques through the use of:

  • example questions with explained answers
  • short-answer and multi-response questions to practise on
  • activities that test and embed learning
  • end of chapter summaries highlighting key learning points
  • a full specimen exam with explained answers
Delivery | Access

Delivery | Access

By pre-ordering this product you will receive the 2024-25 study guide on its release date (estimated 1st June 2024)

BTS study guides are available in a choice of two formats: printed or digital. The content is the same for both versions, the choice depends on which works best for you.

Digital study guides are designed as an online interactive guide, perfect for people who learn best using on-screen interactive tools. They are fully optimised for mobile and tablet displays meaning you can study on the go. Digital study guides are not pdfs and are not printable or downloadable.

Digital study guides are available to access online for a 120-day subscription period. If you think you will need longer than 120 days to complete your study of the unit we advise you to choose the printed version instead.

Access your digital study materials via your PC or mobile by logging into your BTS account. You will find your purchased digital study guides in My Account - My Courses 


Printed study guides are designed for people who learn best using physical, paper materials and like to highlight sections and make notes on their study materials.

Orders for printed study guides placed before 2pm Monday – Friday are processed and dispatched the same day. Delivery is by local courier and is usually within two working days of dispatch.

Delivery times may vary depending on the destination address.


Free samples of both formats are available in the shop, so you can 'try before you buy'.

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