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Please Note:

2023/24 editions of Study Guides and e-Learning modules are valid for exam sittings up to the 31st August 2024. The CII will examine on the 2024/25 tax year from the 1st September 2024.

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AF1 Personal tax and trust planning – Printed Study Guide 2024-25

120-day access

Our study guides have been designed with learners in mind. We bring the subject matter to life by building up the key knowledge areas with you, using charts and visuals to paint pictures, making the syllabus as interesting as possible. It’s packed full of exam-relevant content, activities, exam style end of chapter questions plus a whole specimen exam.

Exam Year: 2024-25


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Product information

Product Information

Working through our study guide is the essential first step in your AF1 Personal tax and trust planning study plan.

The BTS AF1 study guide is a complete replacement for the examining body textbook.

How is the BTS AF1 study guide different?

The BTS AF1 study guide follows a similar format to our well-loved R0 study guides. It contains a logical breakdown of the syllabus and is packed full of examples, exercises and activities, all explained in an ‘adults in conversation’ fashion.

It will aid your preparation by looking at how to analyse case study details, and how to link your answers to the case study information. We will review how you should structure your answers, and there will be lots of practice on how to lay out your calculations to maximise marks.

Available in a choice of printed or digital format.
Mind not made up? Order a free sample to try before you buy.
How to Use

How to Use

The key to exam success is not just reading and learning technical information parrot fashion. 

You don’t need to purchase the examining body version of the text book - you can opt to sit the exam stand-alone by selecting ‘assessment only’ on the CII website and then order a BTS Study Guide instead.

Think of your BTS study guide as the first step on your very own revision track. You’ll be able to check your progress throughout, using activities, practice questions and end of chapter tests.

As you work through each chapter, you will gradually cover the full AF1 syllabus and practise the required exam techniques through the use of:

  • example questions with explained answers
  • case study based questions to practise on
  • activities that test and embed learning
  • end of chapter summaries highlighting key learning points
  • a full specimen exam with explained answers
Delivery | Access

Delivery | Access

BTS study guides are available in a choice of two formats: printed or digital. The content is the same for both versions, the choice depends on which works best for you.

Digital study guides are designed as an online interactive guide, perfect for people who learn best using on-screen interactive tools. They are fully optimised for mobile and tablet displays meaning you can study on the go. Digital study guides are not pdfs and are not printable or downloadable.

Digital study guides are available to access online for a 120-day subscription period. If you think you will need longer than 120 days to complete your study of the unit we advise you to choose the printed version instead.

Access your digital study materials via your PC or mobile by logging into your BTS account. You will find your purchased digital study guides in My Account - My Courses 


Printed study guides are designed for people who learn best using physical, paper materials and like to highlight sections and make notes on their study materials.

Orders for printed study guides placed before 2pm Monday – Friday are processed and dispatched the same day. Delivery is by local courier and is usually within two working days of dispatch.

Delivery times may vary depending on the destination address.


Free samples of both formats are available in the shop, so you can 'try before you buy'.

AF1 Study Guide FREE Samples

Book the AF1 Coaching Support Programme

EVENT TICKET – AF1 Coaching Support Programme | September 2024 Sitting

Programme of dates

The AF1 Coaching Support Programme is scheduled in the weeks leading up to the AF1 exam sitting, this structured programme aims to give you the best chance of achieving success in this challenging unit. 
LOCATION:Online Zoom

£599.00 (£718.80 inc. VAT)

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Event Information

The AF1 Coaching Support Programme is scheduled in the weeks leading up to the AF1 exam sitting, this structured programme aims to give you the best chance of achieving success in this challenging unit. 

Watch the recorded videos:  Four pre-recorded webinars, released at timetabled intervals to further develop your understanding of key topics; Income Tax, CGT and NICs, IHT, and Trusts.

Live trainer-led webinars:  Four 1-hour webinars held at 17:45 on 12th July, 26th July, 9th August & 21st August, scheduled one week after each recorded video. Join our AF1 trainer for some live practice of the types of questions which can be asked in an AF1 exam.

Live workshop days: Two Zoom workshop days held on 28th August & 2nd September, scheduled at the end of the course to consolidate your learning.

Ask the trainer: BTS also offer further “Ask the Trainer” support, available in the BTS forums.

* BTS strongly recommend you using the BTS study guide, this is not included in the programme and can be purchased separately.

How to Use

Are you planning to take the AF1 exam in September but feeling unsure about where to begin?

Our comprehensive course is designed to cater to all learning styles and follows the BTS’ Read Watch Practise approach. This structured course aims to give you the best chance of achieving success in this challenging unit.

Whilst you read through the BTS Study Guide chapters, we will provide you with four recorded webinars to further enhance your understanding. Additionally, we understand the importance of putting your knowledge into practice. Therefore, a week after each recording, we will host a live webinar where you can practice answering different types of questions that may appear in the AF1 exam.

To consolidate your learning, we have included two workshop days at the end of the course. Furthermore, you will have access to trainer support through the BTS forums, and all recordings will be available to you until your exam date.

We believe that those who prefer a more hands-on approach will greatly benefit from and even enjoy our AF1 Coaching Support programme. You will be amazed at what you learn by being part of this cohort and ‘having a go’ at the questions. Technical areas that may come up will be covered and revised, and group discussions around possible questions and answers will help a lot.

Delivery | Access

Delivered on Zoom. Places are limited.

Four recorded videos covering key technical areas will be uploaded to your BTS dashboard in line with the programme schedule.

Following the release of each video, four one-hour Zoom webinars will be held on 12th & 26th July, 9th & 21st August, commencing at 17:45. Recordings will be made available after each event.

At the end of the course, two full day Zoom workshop dates will be held on 28th August and 2nd September, commencing at 09:30 sharp and finish by 16:30.

Digital materials including; slides, specimen questions and technical crib sheets will be shared with you after the workshop.


Cancellation Policy:

The viability of the programme is based on minimum delegate numbers.

If you need to cancel your space, please let us know in writing as soon as possible & no later than two weeks prior to the start date.

Cancellations after this point will not be refunded unless a replacement delegate can be found, as this would impact on the course for your fellow delegates.

If BTS cancels the programme, the cost of attending will be refunded in full.

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