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LIBF AFA May Coursework

R01 2023-2024 e-Learning Module Free Sample

What Is BTS E-Learning? The BTS e-Learning modules have been designed to help candidates to prepare for the CII Diploma …

R03 Personal Taxation

CMC R03 Toolkit

R06 Financial Planning Practice

R06 Analysis July 2024 (PLUS April)

Welcome to the BTS learning materials for the case studies for the January 2024 sitting of the R06 exam. We …

ER1 Equity Release

ER1 2023-2024 Sample Of Digital Study Guide

The BTS ER1 study guide follows a similar format to our well-loved R0 study guides. The study guide contains a …

ER1 Equity Release

ER1 2023-2024 Digital Study Guide

All BTS study guides are written in a way that starts at the beginning of each learning outcome and gradually …

ER1 Equity Release

ER1 2023-2024 Specimen Exams Set

This specimen exam set contains four unique ER1 exam papers. The exam is to be completed online, selecting your responses …

R06 Financial Planning Practice

CMC R06 Toolkit

R05 Financial Protection

CMC R05 Toolkit

R04 Pensions and Retirement Planning

CMC R04 Toolkit

R02 Investment Principles and Risk

CMC R02 Toolkit

R01 Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics

CMC R01 Toolkit

J12 Securities and Investments

CMC J12 Toolkit

J05 Pension Income Options

CMC J05 Toolkit

J02 Trusts

CMC J02 Toolkit

Consumer duty

CMC Consumer Duty Toolkit

CF6 Mortgage Advice

CMC CF6 Toolkit

AF8 Retirement Income Planning

CMC AF8 Toolkit