CATEGORY: R02 Investment principles and risk

R02 2022-2023 Touchpoint Webinars

Course Access: 120 days access
Course Overview

Welcome to the R02 2022-2023 Touchpoint webinars.  These 5 sets of slides are used in the Bespoke Training Solutions (BTS) R02 webinars and give a taster of the types of questions that are within the Chartered Insurance Institute’s (CII) R02 bank.

Each webinar covers the following learning outcomes:

Webinar 1:
L01:  The characteristics, inherent risks, behaviour, and correlation of asset classes

Webinar 2:
L02:  Understand the macro-economic environment and its impact of the asset classes
L03:  Understand the merits and limitations of the main investment theories

Webinar 3:
L04:  Apply the principles of the time value of money
L05:  Analyse and explain the nature and impact of the main types of investment performance

Webinar 4:
L06:  Analyse the characteristics, inherent risks, behaviours, and relevant tax considerations of investment products

Webinar 5:
L07:  Apply the investment advice process
L08:  Understand the principles of investment planning
L09:   Analyse the importance of investments

Please Note:  These materials are designed to be as used alongside attendance at the live webinars. To get the most out of the learning experience they should not be accessed/viewed in advance.  Working through them ‘live’ whilst on the webinar is the most effective way to support your exam preparation.



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