CATEGORY: R06 Financial planning practice

R06 Sample of Case Study Analysis e-Learning

Course Access: 120 days access
Course Overview

This is a sample of the e-Learning materials that are available from BTS for each R06 exam sitting.

The full version for each R06 sitting usually has 80+ sample questions based on the actual case studies, and additional content focussing on exam techniques and aide-memoirs that help you score the maximum marks in your exam.

These are also the materials that form the structure of the BTS R06 workshops, where we give candidates  the chance to ‘have a go’ at some of the questions and then compare their answers to other workshop delegates’ answers and a model answer.

In this sample of the e-learning we are showcasing the materials we created as part of a set of refresher workshops which we put in place to help people affected by the CII system failures that impacted on some of the January 2023 candidates.

To purchase the full BTS R06 case study analysis e-Learning for your sitting, head over to the Shop | Bespoke Training Solutions


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