R05 Financial Protection

R05 Financial Protection

R05 Financial protection

Financial protection is the 5th unit in the CII Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. Protection lies at the core of all financial planning considerations, so this important unit equips candidates with the knowledge they need to identify risks and work with clients to implement the right protection solutions for them.

The R05 exam is one hour long and there are 50 questions to answer. All are standard multiple-choice questions (MCQ), as this unit is a level 3 one.

Exam format: 1-hour multiple choice exam

ExamRecommended study hoursCreditsPass markNational pass rate (2021)
R05 Financial protection501070%78%

What is the R05 exam like?

The CII R05 financial protection is a level three unit worth 10 credits and has a market reputation as being easy. We would suggest you don’t underestimate it as R05 questions can be really tricky.  And having sat the exam recently (BTS designers sit the R0 exams annually) we can tell you that ‘easy’ was not the first word that sprang to mind going through the experience. We were surprised at the number of tax questions in the R05 exam – one such question was technical in the extreme. So again, underestimate this unit at your peril.

Lots of questions come up about tax – so qualifying, non qualifying, onshore, offshore and inheritance tax to name a few areas. You need to know the taxation of premiums and proceeds across the different individual and employer sponsored policies. You are unlikely to get lots of calculations, a few for certain but not many.

This is also the R0 unit where you will be tested on Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) benefits. So a good understand of some of the more technical rules relating to these is essential. The national pass rate for R05 in 2021 was 78%.

BTS R05 Study Toolkit

The BTS R05 Study Toolkit is a sure fire way to improve your chances of a first-time exam pass.  As usual there are options available to suit different learning styles including printed and digital resources, and remote and face to face training.

BTS have supported this unit since the R0 exams first came out, and we regularly achieve 100% pass rates with our candidates. The R05 unit is well passable on a first attempt with a focused study plan and BTS materials and support!


This approach has helped thousands of trainee financial advisers, paraplanners, administrators and managers pass the R0 exams on their first attempt.

Our mission is clear

To maximise your chances of success in regulated exams, we follow a simple model based on our proven STEP approach:

Investment Principle and Risk

The BTS R05 study guide is similar in format to the others. It is a complete replacement for the examining body guide, which you do not have to purchase.

It is of course based on the same syllabus and learning outcomes however it includes many activities, practice questions and examples which bring the subject matter alive and ensure your learning is relevant to your exam. It not quite a big a tome as some of the other guides (such as R01 and R04 ) and is an essential tool in your R05 study plan.

R05 Financial protection – Printed Study Guide

R05 Financial protection – Digital Study Guide

Our R05 workshops concentrate on some of the key knowledge areas for a first-time R05 pass such as the different protection products, how they work and any taxation implications. 

We use exam style examples all the way through to keep you as focused on a pass as we possibly can.

R05 revision workshops are added to the events calendar throughout the year. If you can't see a date that works for you, get in touch to ask about other options.

BTS R05 e-Learning concentrates on the heaviest weighted R05 learning outcomes. Starting with L04 which cover the different types of life assurance options, how they are set up, underwriting and claims and trusts (it’s a very long LO!) We then look at L05 which is the one that most candidates find the trickiest. We start by looking at qualifying and non qualifying policies and their rules, then inheritance tax and how it works. Next up are the learning outcomes that look at the different sickness products available, finishing off with a lovely course on DWP benefits.

The R05 e-Learning is interactive, exam style and packed with lots of activities, exam style questions and a specimen exam. Plus we throw in quite a few videos and our ‘ask the expert’ feature to keep you engaged.

R05 Financial protection – e-Learning Module

The BTS R0 Study Buddy app replicates the CII exam standard as closely as possible.There are two volumes of R01 questions available for purchase – each giving you 400 questions to practice on. 

BTS designers sit the R01 exam every year, and train thousands of students. All this experience is packed into our App questions.The exam itself will still feel a bit harder, after all you are in an exam with all those associated nerves. But other than sitting the exam for you we cannot do any more in terms of the quality and standard of our questions.

R0 Study Buddy App - Exam Standard Question Volumes for R01 - R05

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