An excellent pass rate, and some positive feedback from our students…

An excellent pass rate, and some positive feedback from our students…

BTS have just finished delivering a two day R01 workshop for five London students. All were sitting their R01 exam within a few weeks of the end of the workshop, and were concerned about knowledge levels and their ability to pass the exam.

Their concerns are not unreasonable. The R01 financial services, regulation and ethics exam is a tricky one. The subject matter is not the most scintillating to start with, then add in the usual ‘challenging’ questions, double negatives and questions that feel as if you have never heard of the subject before, and the result is a countrywide pass-rate of just over half of those that sit the exam: 57.01%.

Our five students all passed their exam sittings, giving them and us a 100% pass-rate overall. This is yet another fantastic result and testament to their hard work plus the use of BTS materials in thoroughly preparing students in a way that’s in line with the actual exam.

Here is the feedback that we received from some of the students…

‘I was very panicked at the thought of taking my first financial exam; the volume of information I needed to know seemed daunting, and I was finding the wording of mock exams to be incredibly tricky to interpret. I purchased the BTS RO1 study guide upon a friend’s recommendation and I’m so glad I did – it went into further detail about the difficult concepts and information was displayed in a much more ‘user friendly’ way. I attended the BTS RO1 revision course a week and a half before my exam and left feeling so much more confident. The BTS facilitator gave us methods on how to deal with the wording of questions posed by the CII and provided greater clarity on the chapters with a larger exam weighting, complete with chapter tests and mock exams. I came away from the course feeling like I could handle the exam and was able to tackle the rest of my revision in a much more structured manner. Genuinely don’t think I could have passed first time without it!’ Izzy Johnson – Digital Marketing Specialist

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your BTS RO1 tips and assistance. Invaluable. Thankfully I passed today’. Chris Kibble – Trainee Wealth Manager

‘The RO1 exam is notoriously difficult to pass and I couldn’t have done it without Luiza and the team at Bespoke Training Solutions. I found the classroom learning an integral part of my understanding and revision, in particular when we used practice exam questions which were as hard as the actual exam questions. The revision materials are excellent and the sessions energetic and enjoyable. A must for anyone taking the RO1 exam.’ Natalie Parnell – Business Development Manager, Amazon











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