The ‘Best Kept Secret’ succeeds again.

The ‘Best Kept Secret’ succeeds again.

BTS recently ran an open workshop for R06, which was attended by delegates who had no previous experience of BTS.  One comment that made us think, was made by a student who had sat a few R0 exams.

The lady concerned shared how, during pre-exam discussions, she had often heard of BTS from other candidates. They gave us some great endorsements, and yet she’d hardly heard of us outside an R0 exam waiting room.  She described BTS as “One of the best-kept secrets in Financial Services”. Now, that’s great, but not ideal!

To add to the irony of the comment, we recently ran a series of  R04 workshops for a wealth management client. This group was made up of 14 students with little industry experience working their way through all six R0 papers over a six month period.

14 students have just sat and passed the CII R04 exam with recorded official results being 13 passes and one fail, giving an overall pass-rate of 93%. Compare this to countrywide industry pass-rates which were 54.07% for R04 in 2016.

These are fantastic results down to the use of BTS study guides, BTS workshops and of course let’s not underestimate the hard work put in by all these students without which any passes would be impossible!  We really must stop keeping this success a secret!

Here is some student feedback.

‘The RO4 workshops were extremely useful to prepare me for the exam. Given the huge amount of subject matter to cover, the BTS facilitator ensured we stayed on track and focused our energies on areas most relevant to the CII exam. Through plenty of practice tests provided by BTS and several mock BTS exam papers, I went into the exam feeling confident of a positive outcome.’ Gary Youssef – Trainee Wealth Manager

‘Pensions is a broad subject where the exam requires you to apply the principles you’ve learnt rather than simply regurgitating facts. There are lots of little quirks about pensions that can catch you out in an exam if you don’t prepare thoroughly. You need, therefore to approach this exam in a pretty systematic way so that you can then learn how to apply the principles. The BTS RO4 study guide and workshops provide you with a great structure and approach for learning, delivered in an engaging and professional manner. Outcome? Pensions demystified!’ Peter Munro – Trainee Wealth Manager

‘I find the BTS study guides easier to understand and the language more user friendly. I cannot complement the workshops highly enough. BTS facilitators have an ability to make the workshops fun, interactive, enjoyable whilst delivering a first-class experience and education.’ Wayne Robinson – Trainee Wealth Manager

‘An excellent workshop that cut to the heart of the syllabus and significantly improved my chance of passing. The BTS R04 study guide is very user friendly.’ Tom Worley – Trainee Wealth Manager




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