Continuing the R01 success rates

Continuing the R01 success rates

BTS have just completed another R01 workshop for six Edinburgh students. All were sitting their R01 exam within a few weeks of the workshop and were concerned about retaining knowledge in subject areas that were… a tad dull!

The R01 financial services, regulation and ethics exam is not getting any easier. Pass-rates country wide remain very low at 57.01%.

Our six students all passed their exam sittings, giving BTS and the students the desired 100% pass-rate overall. This is our third 100% set of results on our last three RO1 workshops. As you can imagine we are dead chuffed! This is also testament to the hard work of the students, using BTS materials to thoroughly prepare for the exam sitting.

So how do BTS do it?

  • Using materials that are as close to the exam standard as possible
  • Giving students lots of practice questions and answer sheets that explain why the right answer is correct (not just ‘it is A’!)
  • Giving students one page crib-sheets on key exam areas, such as record keeping, cancellation periods etc, so they can look at these the day before the exam
  • Making the BTS R01 study guide as good as it can be, with lots of activities, pictures, practice questions, summaries and key points; all designed to help with an R01 exam pass

Here is the feedback we received from some of the students.

“Having failed on my first R01 attempt (before I experienced BTS) and the stress of needing to pass the exam to allow me to take the next step in my career, you took a huge amount of pressure off my shoulders. The R01 workshop broke everything down so it was clear and easy to understand and I really took in a vast amount on the workshop. Without your help, it is quite possible I wouldn’t have passed the exam, and I wouldn’t be taking the next step to further my career. I would like to thank BTS and I very much look forward to the workshops for the remainder of the R0 exams.” Connor Preston – Trainee Wealth Manager

“Having not sat an exam in over 15 years I was apprehensive about sitting the R01 exam. Thankfully, with BTS’s help I passed first time. With their guidance I was really able to focus on what was important. Throughout the workshop, areas were explained in such a fashion it was difficult not to remember them! Backed up with the study guides, it gave me a confidence which transferred into a pass. I can’t recommend BTS highly enough.” Martyn McNeill – Director

“Having not sat exams for 23 years, the thought of studying, revision and actually sitting an exam were daunting to say the least. I opted to study for the R01 exam using the BTS R01 study guide and found it really user-friendly. I was apprehensive attending the 2-day R01 revision workshop as I hadn’t had an opportunity to go through the entire study guide and was only on Chapter 5. I needn’t have worried. The exam buster workshop hugely helped me get a better understanding of not only the subject matter for the exam, but also the style of questions and how best to approach my studying. BTS’s style of workshop delivery worked perfectly and the handy hints and tips on how to remember key info was invaluable”. Mary Macfarlane – Trainee Wealth Manager

“The BTS exam buster workshop helped me navigate a lot of information and focus on key areas likely to be tested. Being new to the financial sector and CII exams, I found the learning outcome summary questions, mock exam, and summary sheets to be excellent resources. Without this directed learning, I think I would have struggled to pass R01 first time.” Dianne Greig – Trainee Wealth Manager

“I recently passed my R01 with the help of BTS. I found the study guide very helpful in the way it highlighted key points and broke the material down. The workshop I attended was particularly good, Luiza provided lots of exam tips that made a big difference on the day and was able cement my knowledge through some great examples. Thank you for all your help!” Adam Leech – Trainee Wealth Manager



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