What are R0 students supposed to do?

What are R0 students supposed to do?

We have just found out that the Chartered Insurance Institute have made the decision that, from 2018, they will no longer offer R0 workshops to the general market for candidates who are studying for these exams.  

This means that the qualifications that involve such a commitment in terms of study time, question practice, and monies on study guides and exam sittings, are no longer supported by the best learning method of all – face to face workshops.

Let’s face it, these are tough exams to pass on your own. CII countrywide pass-rates for 2016 make staggering reading:

  • R01    57.01%
  • R02   57.92%
  • R03   50.46%
  • R04   54.07%
  • R05   72.11%
  • R06   73.23%

Now, not everyone attends a face to face workshop, but for those that do I am convinced that it makes a huge difference to their chances of exam success.

So, what are BTS doing about this?

For the last year, BTS have not offered open workshops, as guaranteeing required numbers in any one geographic area has been a challenge, but we can’t stand by, watch this market change, and offer nothing to help.

  • BTS currently run four to five R0 workshops each week for our own private clients.
  • We have a wealth of experience in all the R0s to pass on to individuals who are attempting to sit these exams and are looking for some support.
  • We achieve exceptional pass-rates. Just go onto our website at www.bespoketrainingsolutions.com and see for yourself.

We are now going to offer two-day workshops to support R01, 2, 3, 4 and 6, as these are the hardest to pass without some face to face support.

Venues are likely to be central, so probably somewhere in the Midlands, but ultimately this will depend on where attendees are based. If the bulk are in Scotland than the workshop will be run in the north!

Here is the schedule of planned dates in 2018:

R01 18th and 19th July 15th and 16th October
R02 10th and 11th May 25th and 26th October
R03 4th and 5th June 26th and 27th November
R04 26th and 27th November
R06 4th and 5th July 1st and 2nd October


To book a place, you can contact us at: https://www.bespoketrainingsolutions.com/contact-us/

To be able to offer this support we need enough people need to sign up. Please let all your financial services contacts know!

This will help us to make sure that the option of face to face R0 workshops continues to be available.



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