Great news from the CII regarding exam packages…

Great news from the CII regarding exam packages…

You may not be aware, but there has been some exciting news recently from the Chartered Insurance Institute. There hasn’t been any formal public announcement (that BTS can see) but the news is definitely out in the public domain.

Individuals are contacting BTS to share what they’ve been told in replies to their complaints, plus there was another article recently in Financial Adviser (accessible via: )

So, what is the big news?

Following feedback from individuals and companies such as BTS, the CII has revised its exam policy changes. Having introduced exam packages for all CII exams, from the level 3 CF papers right through to the AF advanced papers, this decision has now been reversed. This applies to all CII exams except AF7 (which the CII have sid is due to market demand)

We must congratulate the CII. They have shown themselves to be open to feedback and willing to rethink their position. It takes guts to put your hand up in the air and say “we made a mistake”. It’s far easier to take an approach of “like it or lump it”. All credit to them.

What have the CII actually said?

Simon Graham, the CII Learning and Development Director, has been heading these changes. He has said that the CII is “never too big to listen to valid feedback”.

And that is true. None of us in business can say we always make the right decision. This shows that the CII are willing to listen to its membership and their views.

Simon has also said that the CII “will consult with its wider membership and key stakeholders”. Let’s hope that means we can influence what is on offer still further.

Consultation with stakeholders is key. Any business that feels it can just introduce major changes without consultation is in for a rocky ride (except if you are the UK government that is; they seem to do that on a fairly regular basis)

A note from the team at BTS

We wanted to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” to everyone who responded to our ‘call to arms’. We are certain the CII would not have reversed this decision without all of you who wrote in or emailed to complain and express how unhappy you were with these changes.

This victory for common sense is down to every single one of you.

Thank you for standing shoulder to shoulder with BTS in making this happen.



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