Passing CII RO exams

Passing CII RO exams

Now that the dust has settled following the CII’s attempt to introduce a package system for R0 and AF exams, it is time to look at how BTS open R0 workshops are going, and what else is on offer in the marketplace to support students.

The 2017 CII country wide pass-rates are out. They make interesting reading.

Exam 2016 Pass-Rates 2017 Pass-Rates
R01 57.01% 64.46%
R02 57.92% 62.79%
Ro3 50.46% 48.71%
Ro4 54.07% 55.04%
R05 72.11% 78.26%
RO6 83.75% 83.32%


As you can see, the standout tricky R0s are, as usual, R03 Personal Taxation and R04 Pension Planning, but none are easy; otherwise we would see higher pass-rates across the board.

How are BTS RO workshops going?

We ran an R01 workshop a few weeks ago and have an R02 workshop running next week.

Comments from the RO1 students include:

  • ‘I passed the R01 exam today in Wetherby!   The two-day course was great for improving my knowledge and exam technique- Thank-you!’
  • ‘Thanks for a very entertaining two days – you made a dull subject way more interesting!! And I have just passed my RO1 exam as a result’.

What issues are we coming across?

The biggest issue we are finding is getting sufficient students signed up to make the workshops viable.

BTS are absolutely committed to offering this support, especially to individuals who are not part of a large network, so have  with little or no company support.

We know better than most how tough these exams can be, and how much difference having some face to face training can make. Just being in a room with other students revising the same subjects and being able to discuss questions and queries in an open forum is so helpful.

We all know the CII now offer no face to face workshops. BTS want to continue to offer this option but we really do need your help! We have just had to cancel the R04 workshop as there were only three students signed up. This is such a shame, as this workshop (like all the others) makes a big difference to students and their chances of an exam pass.

How can you help BTS?

Please spread the word to all and sundry. It would be disappointing if there was nothing like this available to support individuals studying for R0 qualifications.

Please lets us know if you can think of any ways that BTS could market these workshops better. We are currently getting to grips with social media (now that is a scary journey) in an attempt to get the word out there., but we would welcome any suggestions that can help us improve our marketing and avoid cancelling future workshops.

R06 workshops for the April exam

We are running some two-day R06 workshops for this sitting. If we have sufficient demand, these will be based in London, Birmingham and Manchester. The workshops will be based on the exam case studies and will focus on practising possible questions and answers.

An R06 pass is achieved by two things: the right technical knowledge and answering the questions using the correct techniques. That combination = a pass every time. BTS have run many R06 workshops with fantastic results. Our last workshop achieved a 100% pass-rate (we can’t promise that every time mind!)

So what can you do to help your chances of a RO6 exam pass?

You have to do some work before attending a workshop; it is not just a question of turning up and doing little else.

BTS have produced our own version of the R06 study guide, packed full of key technical areas that appear regularly such as gift/loan trusts and cash flow modelling; which the CII love.

The guide also has lots of practice questions and answers for you to work through so that you can learn and practise the right exam techniques to maximise your marks and pass the exam.

The guide can be ordered from the qualification support pages at .

Let’s hope we see you on one of our R0 workshops in the very near future. 



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