BTS have been hot off the R06 mark…

BTS have been hot off the R06 mark…

The two R06 case studies were released on Friday and since then our designers have been hard at work producing the BTS analysis document.

Our aim was to get this to you in a speedy fashion, with no compromises on quality, so that you have plenty of time to get to know the exam case studies and to start working your way through possible questions and answers.

As is usual, we have two different styles of R06 case study.

  • Case study one: Mike and Shuwan
    This couple are in their late 30s / early 40s and have twin daughters. They have the usual financial aims associated with this case study style, including protection in the event of death and/or serious illness, and retirement planning.

    This is a case study testing the issues faced by a younger couple in their financial life, such as planning for retirement and family protection. In a move for equality, Shuwan is the main breadwinner, with Mike being a stay at home house-husband.

  • Case study two: Stefan and Sabine
    This couple are in their 60s and have grown up children and grandchildren. They are in retirement now, with financial aims associated with their time of life. These include concerns around income in retirement and requiring tax efficiency in relation to their investments.

    Both Stefan and Sabine have been married before and have children and grandchildren from their first marriages, making advice issues more complex.

Our analysis is now ready and available for purchase.

We have produced a series of possible questions and answers based on both of the July R06 case studies for candidates to work their way through as part of their exam preparation.

Do remember though that BTS cannot guarantee which questions will actually be asked in the exam. This is our best guesswork based on our years of experience in the R0 training arena.

The BTS analysis can be ordered from the Study Guides page of our website at a cost of £65 for a downloadable pdf.

Good luck with the R06 exam and let’s hope you achieve a first-time pass with the help of our analysis!




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