Here we go again…

Here we go again…

The time is upon us for another R06 exam.

The Integrated Financial Planning R06 exam is different from all the other CII R0 exams.

The main differences are:

  • It is less ‘technical’ in terms of the knowledge that it tests
    In the other R0 exams, such as R03, you literally need to know all there is to know about many different aspects of taxation, and then manage your time effectively to successfully answer 50 questions in 60 minutes! That’s not the case on R06.
  • It’s more reliant on question answering techniques
    One of the keys to an R06 pass is the ability to answer the question you are being asked, not the one you have made up in your own head. Practising such techniques is an absolute must here.
  • It requires a thorough knowledge of the two exam case studies
    The two case studies are released a few weeks before the exam sitting. It is imperative that students thoroughly get under the skin of these and get to know their clients before sitting the exam. There is so much that can be done as exam preparation to help achieve a first-time pass.

Here at BTS, we have lost count of the number of times we have heard people say “R06 is the easiest of the six CII R0 exams”. But… whilst CII countrywide pass-rates are higher than the other exams, 2017 rates show that it is not an absolute given, and some work is essential.

Exam 2016 Pass-Rates 2017 Pass-Rates
R01 57.01% 64.46%
R02 57.92% 62.79%
R03 50.46% 48.71%
R04 54.07% 55.04%
R05 72.11% 78.26%
R06 83.75% 83.32%

R06 workshops for the July 2018 exam

We are running some two-day R06 workshops for this sitting. These will run in Birmingham on the 2nd to 3rd July, and London on the 4th to 5th July.

The workshops will be based on the exam case studies and will focus on practising possible questions and answers.

The London workshop is already almost full to capacity, but there are a few more spaces left on the Birmingham one.

So, what can you do to help your chances of a R06 exam pass?

You have to do some work before attending a workshop – it is not just a question of rocking up and doing little else.

BTS have produced our own version of the R06 study guide, packed full of key technical areas that appear regularly, such as gift/loan trusts and cash flow modelling; which the CII love.

The guide also has lots of practice questions and answers for you to work through, so that you can start learning and practising the right exam techniques to maximise your marks and pass the exam.

The guide can be ordered via the link

We hope to see you on one of our R0 workshops in the very near future.



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