What can help me pass my CII’s R01 exam?

What can help me pass my CII’s R01 exam?

We are now into 2019, and facing the usual challenges that make passing any Chartered Insurance Institute exams a whole lot tougher…

If you are not aware of the challenges, a couple of key ones are:

  • No CII face to face workshops
    The CII pulled out of offering learners any workshop support at the start of 2018. This was not just in relation to the R0 exams; it also included the J0 and AF qualifications.

    The quality of CII workshops was variable, as it depended on the experience and skills of the facilitator allocated to the course. As the CII did not have its own training team, these workshops were run by independent consultants.
    As a result, it was a bit of a lucky-dip. Some were absolutely brilliant, others not so brilliant. But. at least you had the option for some face to face support. Since 2018 there has been none, whether you want it or not.

  • CII learner materials do not fit everyone’s learning style
    The CII R01 book is a fantastic technical reference guide. But, as a learning tool it’s not always the best tool to use. Most learners, particularly those new to the industry, need simple explanations to begin with, so that they can ‘start from the bottom’ and gradually build up their knowledge. What they don’t need is page after page of words with little interactivity.

What are R01 countrywide pass-rates like?

Not great. They were 63.77% in 2017 and are now 64.46% in 2018. A tiny increase, but so small that it barely registers.

What are the typical comments that BTS receive from our learners in relation to R01 and the CII approach?

The feedback we have received include comments such as:

  • I did all the recommended self-study hours plus some more, practised on RevisionMate questions, yet when I sat the R01 exam itself it was totally different to the areas I had revised and practised on
  • I felt that I had done something wrong when I sat the exam, as the questions were so different from what I studied in the CII R01 guide and the questions I had practised on
  • It felt like I had studied the wrong manual when I sat the exam!
  • I felt really stupid – why did I fail the exam when I had done the required self-study and more plus lots of questions practice?

What can BTS offer that can help you?

BTS use a three-pronged approach with our clients that includes:

  • Self-study using the BTS R01 study guide
  • Attending a BTS two-day face to face workshop
  • Practising exam-style questions using the BTS App; R0 StudyBuddy

Self-study using the BTS R01 study guide

The BTS study guides are designed in a learner-centric style. They start at the bottom and gradually increase learner knowledge.

Attending a BTS R01 workshop

BTS have scheduled an open R01 workshop available ‘to all comers’, for the 8th to 9th April 2019, in London.

This will be an intensive two days, concentrating on exam key areas and using additional exam-style questions and crib-sheets to aid learning.

For anyone struggling to pass R01, this will be invaluable. We concentrate on key exam areas, and achieve fantastic pass-rates as a result.

To book a place, you can contact us at: https://www.bespoketrainingsolutions.com/contact-us/

Numbers will be capped at a maximum of 12, as we are great believers that once a group is above a certain number then any learning tends to be diluted.

BTS App R0 Study Buddy

This gives you access to 400 exam-style questions and answers that you complete electronically either using a smartphone or tablet. You can do timed exams, or select a learning outcome that you are struggling with to concentrate on. Or both!

Why use BTS?

BTS have a proven track record of outstanding R0 exam success, gained over many years of supporting candidates. We use top-class trainers and utilise first-rate workshop materials and practice questions.

How successful are BTS at R01 exam passes?

Pretty successful. It is not unusual for us to achieve 100% R01 pass-rates (this is dependant on the amount of self-study candidates do before attending a workshop – we are not miracle workers!)

We track the results from all of our workshops as, without that information, how can a company tell how effective its workshops and materials are?

Out of the 186 students we have trained on R01 in the last two years we have helped 175 to pass first time. That is a 94% pass-rate: of which we are pretty proud!

How much will the RO1 workshop cost?

The two-day workshop will cost £335 + VAT per person. Depending on how many people sign up, the days may or may not include refreshments/, lunch etc. We may be talking bargain basement ‘no frills’ just to allow this to run.

So, please get on board with BTS in 2019, and let all your contacts know we are here and what we offer.



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