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What came up in the July R06 exam paper?

The case studies issued on Friday 19th June (Seth and Kaitlyn, Mita and Harish) were what we have got used to expecting from the examining body. They were very 'open-ended' case studies, with lots of possible areas that questions could be based on. There was no 'obvious' protection question in sight, looking at both couples [...]

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R06 Remote Exam Sittings Update

The CII have updated their public statement on recent R06 exams. It is now five days since the less-than-perfect CII July R06 remote exam sitting. Now that the dust has settled, what are the CII's plans? The examining body have issued a public statement saying - 'We are extremely sorry for the distress caused by [...]

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R06 Remote Exam Sittings

Well that went well… What a day Monday 6th July was for many CII R06 candidates. The CII statement said there was a delay of 15 minutes caused by technical issues. Well that’s not what BTS students are telling us. Yesterday's events were unacceptable. We have heard of students being unable to log in, when [...]

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