What are the BTS e-Learning modules like?

What are the BTS e-Learning modules like?

Feedback from our pilot group

BTS eLearning modules are like nothing you will have encountered before (in a good way hopefully!).

As you would expect we have put our e-Learning modules through user acceptance testing with pilot groups to check how they work, to iron out any issues and to ensure they are pitched at the right level. 

Who were the pilot users?

To ensure our e-Learning was fit for purpose before release, we asked real R0 exam candidates to volunteer to trial the modules. 

What was in it for them? Access to the e-Learning modules for free!

Our e-Learning modules form one part of the BTS STEP approach to R0 exam success, to get the most out of them candidates are advised to work through a study guide first. Why? The e-Learning takes the key knowledge areas covered in the study guide and develops understanding through application to scenarios and exam-style questions. Pilot users were selected on the basis that they had completed their preferred choice of study guide in advance of accessing the e-Learning and that they had an R0 exam booked in the near future.

Pilot user feedback

It was important to us that the content wasn’t so technical as to make your brain spin, but not too dumbed down either. We have had some fantastic, honest feedback from our pilot groups so far.

Ready to take a look?

BTS are confident both candidates and companies will love the modules, their interactive style and how they help prepare learners for an R0 exam sitting. All test users said that the BTS e-Learning courses had improved their knowledge, understanding and confidence of the R0 subject matter. All testers also reported increased pass-rates on practice questions after working through the modules, which boded well for real life exam sittings.

Free samples of each module are available from the BTS shop so you can ‘try before you buy’.

These show you part of one learning outcome and will give you a good idea of how the e-Learning modules can benefit your study plan. Let us know what you think, we thrive on feedback of all kinds!



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