How BTS e-Learning can help you achieve an R01 pass

How BTS e-Learning can help you achieve an R01 pass
There’s no getting away from it, the R01 financial services, regulation and ethics unit isn’t the most exciting! This is one of the reasons some candidates find it tricky to achieve an R01 pass. If you’re studying from the CII manual you will most likely be finding it pretty heavy going, and you’re not alone.

To help bring this subject to life, the experts at BTS have taken our years of supporting thousands of  candidates and poured it into creating a brand new dynamic e-Learning module.

What makes an R01 pass so tough?

For many candidates, this is the first exam that they attempt in the CII Diploma in regulated financial planning. It’s a level four unit worth 20 credits. The exam is two hours long and there are 100 questions to answer.

Despite being a multi-choice exam, candidates often find the CII question wording tricky to decipher, and sometimes it feels like all the answer choices could be right! R01 is not an easy exam to pass.

Find out more about the CII R01 Financial Services, regulation and ethics unit here.

How can the BTS e-Learning module help?

We have written the e-Learning with our learners in mind. It’s a little bit like having a BTS trainer with you whilst you work through your studies, in your own space and at your own pace.

Designed as an alternative to attending a workshop, the e-Learning takes the learner on a clear journey through the key learning outcomes required for an R01 exam pass. Interactive exercises, videos and dynamic graphics break up the learning into memorable chunks. Exam style questions are scattered throughout the learning, with full explanations for the correct answers. 

When the learner is ready to test their knowledge, consolidation tests are available which replicate the CII online exam experience as much as possible. A full specimen exam, with instant feedback, helps the learner to track their progress and identify gaps in their knowledge. This is vital practise before the R01 exam as it will help you to see where you need to improve to achieve an exam pass.

Used as part of the BTS STEP approach, the e-Learning modules can make a huge difference to candidate knowledge and confidence.

BTS achieve a 100% R01 pass-rate using our STEP approach


BTS e-Learning is ideal for people who learn best using visual, online and interactive tools. It allows you to work through your R0 studies at your own pace, with the BTS team behind you all the way. BTS e-Learning can again show you the key syllabus areas that are more popular with the R0 examiner.



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