AF5 study guide
CATEGORY: AF, AF5 Financial planning process

AF5 2022-2023 Digital Study Guide

Course Access: 120 days access
Course Overview


The BTS AF5 study guide follows a similar format to our well-loved R0 study guides. It is made up of two parts; the main study guide and an accompanying Appendix.

The main study guide contains a logical breakdown of the syllabus and is packed full of examples, exercises and activities, all explained in an ‘adults in conversation’ fashion. It guides candidates through exam-style questions and has loads of hints and tips to make passing this mandatory unit more achievable.

The questions in the BTS AF5 study guide are based on three fact finds. Two of them form the basis of the many practice questions and activities we cover in the guide, and the third is used in a full specimen exam.

The fact finds are contained within the separate Appendix, together with the AF5-style tax tables. The Appendix is downloadable which makes it easy to have the fact finds open at the right section whilst practising questions; much more learner-friendly than including them within the main study guide and having to keep flicking backwards and forwards as you attempt practice questions.

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