CATEGORY: AF7 Pension transfers

AF7 2023-2024 Case Study E-Learning Module

Course Access: 120 days access
Course Overview

The BTS AF7 Pension transfers e-Learning module is an online learning experience. It consists of five unique case studies, each with a full set of specimen exam questions and model answers. The module is designed to be worked through as a series of mock papers, attempting your own answer before self-marking using our marking grid. A clear rationale is provided for each answer so you can learn as you go.

We include hints and tips after each question debrief, plus include relevant crib sheets on possible technical areas that could be examined.

BTS AF7 designers sit the exam every year to keep their knowledge of the question styles as up to date and relevant as possible.

Key features of BTS e-Learning:

  • Personal login area for 24/7 access to your online e-Learning materials.
  • The system is fully mobile responsive, allowing you to learn on the go.
  • Exam standard questions throughout to check your key exam knowledge.
  • Technical crib sheets on key knowledge areas.

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