CATEGORY: AF1 Personal tax and trust planning

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Course Overview


The BTS AF1 study guide follows a similar format to our well-loved R0 study guides.

The study guide contains a logical breakdown of the syllabus and is packed full of examples, exercises and activities, all explained in an ‘adults in conversation’ fashion.

As you read through each chapter, you will gradually work through the AF1 syllabus and practice the necessary exam question answering techniques, using:

  • questions based on exam-style case studies
  • exercises to practice and embed learning
  • technical reviews around the key elements of tax and trust planning
  • diagrams and pictures to help ensure that the guide appeals to all learning styles, and to help with recall in the exam itself.

We will help you with your preparation by looking at how to analyse case study details, and how to link your answers to the case study information. We will review how you should structure your answers, and there will be lots of practice on how to lay out your calculations to maximise marks.

This guide, along with CII past papers, will provide you with a great basis to approach your AF1 sitting.

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