BTS hit the RO1 jackpot again.

BTS hit the RO1 jackpot again.

BTS have recently started working with a new client, running an Academy for a group of seven of their new employees with little or no financial services experience.

The plan is to upskill these people with a level 4 qualification within a six-month period. In the main, they will be full time employees who will take up positions in different departments within the organisation. The level 4 qualification the company selected is the CII’s Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.

As you know, we at BTS have a lot of experience in this arena.

What is the R01 paper all about?

Well, it has the scintillating title of ‘Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics’. That’s enough to put anyone off! For 2017, R01 has a 64.46% pass-rate.

So, why are pass-rates not higher?

There are several reasons.

  • This exam covers a wide syllabus and therefore tests a variety of different areas. Not only do students need to know about regulation and ethics, they also need to know about different aspects of the UK financial services industry, such as different life policies, types of investment, taxation and DWP benefits, to name a few.
  • Another reason is the CII exam questions themselves. Some of these are worded so strangely, it is as if the examining body is trying to catch students out on purpose. The examiner needs to be careful on that subject, as they do not want to be accused of making the exam too difficult in order to generate additional revenue through resits.
  • The use of tables and calendar dates is also rife in R01 exam questions. This again makes questions trickier for students to answer and adds to general difficulty levels. Sometimes it takes a while to realise what the questions is asking you before trying to decide what the right answer is!

How do BTS achieve their fantastic results?

 All seven Academy students have sat their R01 exam and passed first time. This is not unusual for BTS RO1 workshops; we regularly achieve fantastic results.

The BTS approach is structured and simple. It involves three key steps:

  1. Do sufficient self-study, ideally using the BTS R01 study guide

    The BTS study guide is written as a learning tool, not just page after page of words that you re-read many times over and still don’t fully understand what it is telling you. It is full of helpful exam tips, activities and exam-style questions.

  2. Attend a face to face workshop.

    However much self-study you do, nothing beats attending a workshop. Key concepts are explained by a BTS facilitator, and you can discuss areas and ask questions in a group of your peers, all in the same situation. BTS run open R01 workshops throughout the year. The next R01 workshop is scheduled for the 25th/26th April and costs £325 + VAT to attend for two days.

  3. Use the BTS App R0 Study Buddy.

    This can be downloaded from Apple or Google onto a smartphone or tablet. You’ll get access to a bank of 400 R01 questions for £29.99. You can practice exam-style questions electronically in the run up to an exam sitting, and any you get wrong you can then re-revise that area.
    All BTS questions explain why the answer given is correct. We find nothing more irritating than an answer that just says ‘A’ or ‘B’. How does that help you learn ?

BTS consistently achieve fantastic results with this approach with our clients, such as on this last Academy.

Get in touch with us if you require any more info. We can be reached at or 01748 822777.



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